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Press Release: Great Dyke Investments secures partners for its Darwendale project in Zimbabwe
22 October, 2019

OCTOBER 21, 2019 – Great Dyke Investments (Pvt) Ltd is set to wrap up financing for its Darwendale platinum group metals project and bring it to construction phase from Q1 2020.

The Darwendale project assumes an integrated development of one of the world's largest untapped platinum group metal deposits in the Republic of Zimbabwe (the “Project”).

Darwendale project – c. $400 million to be invested at first stage of construction of mining and processing complex and of a smelter
12 March, 2018

The Russian - Zimbabwean Darwendale platinum deposit project, being implemented by Great Dyke Investments (PVT) ltd, has nearly finished selection of a general contractor for construction of a mining and processing plant. This plant along with a smelter will process up to 10 million tons of ore to eventually produce up to 855,000 ounces (appr.27 tons) of PGMs and gold per year.

Russian – Zimbabwean JV Great Dyke Investments (Pvt) Ltd (GDI) moves to the next stage of Darwendale deposit development
1 February, 2016

Great Dyke Investments (Pvt) Ltd (GDI), which implements the joint Russian – Zimbabwean Darwendale deposit development project, moves to the stage of design of the mining infrastructure for the Project. Large-scale geological exploration activities were successfully completed at the end of 2015. In total, 130,000 running meters (870 drill holes) were drilled, which made this Project the largest in terms of geological exploration in Zimbabwe for the past decades.

Large-Scale Geological Exploration Activities at Darwendale Deposit Continue
6 May, 2015

In accordance with the long-term strategy of the Darwendale Project implementation, which was approved earlier by the Board of Directors of Great Dyke Investments (Private) Limited, large-scale geological exploration works at the deposit commenced in January 2015. As of beginning of May more than 40,000 running meters have been drilled out of the total 300,000 running meters planned for drilling in 2015–2016.


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Darwendale Integrated Platinum Group Metals (PGM) Project is operated by Great Dyke Investments (Pvt) Ltd, a joint venture established on a 50/50 basis between Russian AO Afromet and the Zimbabwean company.

Darwendale deposit is a part of the Great Dyke in the Republic of Zimbabwe, one of the world’s largest systems of PGM mineralization with shallow dipping of ore bodies. Total resources of the deposit amount 50 mln oz (1,550 t) of PGMs, of which 17.6 mln oz (550 t) have been thoroughly explored and confirmed according to JORC standards.

The Project is earmarked high priority for state and economic relationship between Russia and Zimbabwe. The Intergovernmental agreement, has been signed in support of the Project by both Russian and Zimbabwean governments. Moreover, the Special mining lease and the National project status have been granted to Project which fix significant preferences and benefits in accordance with the Zimbabwean law.